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Fur Ever Friends Foundation

P.O. Box 238
Richmond, KY 40475-0238
(859) 200-2425


The primary purpose of the Fur Ever Friends Foundation is to provide a community service to solve the feral cat overpopulation crisis in the Glyndon Avenue neighborhood of Richmond, KY, through the following measures:
  1. Practice the humane, non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR).
  2. Manage the Glyndon Avenue Feral Cat Colony by providing food, water and shelter and monitoring the cats' health.
  3. Practice TNR (rabies vaccinated, eartipped and sterilized) on cats new to the colony if they are feral. These practices will allow the number of cats in the colony to diminish over time through natural attrition as cats get old and die from natural causes. We will not remove or relocate feral cats. Due to space and resource limitations, we cannot accept tame, unwanted cats or kittens ("drop-offs") into the colony.
  4. Remove cats new to the colony if they are tame or kittens young enough to be socialized.
  5. Socialize kittens from the colony by fostering (providing shelter, food, water and necessary health care). Seek and promote the adoption of these fostered kittens as soon as socialized.
  6. Educate residents on feral cats and the method of stabilizing and maintaining a healthy feral cat colony.
  7. Educate cat owners on the advantages of keeping cats indoors and the need to sterilize and maintain continued veterinary care for their cats, especially for those allowed to go outdoors.
  8. Raise the necessary donations to accomplish the above measures.